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Astrology ~ Seeking Answers in the Sky

While many facets of occult study have become more widespread in the modern age, there are still some highly misunderstood elements of astrology. The art of using the positions of the stars and planets to help determine the possible future is not in any way a religion. It does not require a faith-based belief in any physical emanations from these celestial objects, nor does it conflict with any of the 'organized' religions on the planet.

Astrology deals in symbolism and the complex relationships between a person's birth time and place on the globe with the specific indications of cyclical time. Astrology does no predict events. This system of prognostication dwells on the possibility of events. It can indicate when a beneficial time will occur for future events to be performed but does not create these times. It is, at best, a guide for when you should schedule the major events of your life. Since no two people, even born at the same time and place will be identical or live parallel lives, the dominance of free will should never be dismissed.

One should be aware that there are two systems of astrology that can be used. The Tropical system that is widespread over the western world and most of Europe uses the planetary and solar equations that were codified thousands of years ago. Among the Hindu and Vedics, the Sidereal system is preferred. This sidereal system takes into account that the universe is a dynamic creation and that the entire solar system moves through space in such a way that the planetary positions slowly change.

As an example: Our local Woodcutter, Simon, was born in late January of 1955 C.E. and the Tropical system places him astrologically a week into Aquarius. However, a quick look in a planetarium will show that on the day he was born the Sun sat well in the middle of the constellation of Capricorn. It is up to the practitioner to decide which will give the most accurate indications.

The accurate knowledge of the time and place you were born is crucial to performing an astrological reading. The symbology that is incorporated within the positioning of the various planets and luminous objects work together to give an indication of what ways your life-path should take. To use astrology to determine the best times for financial decisions, weddings or other major life choices requires your chart be created from the point you originate.

Astrology can give you accurate indications of when action should take place and when passive waiting will do you the most good. It does not indicate what specific actions. You will need to evaluate the situation you are in and compare it to what influences are working into or out of your life at the moment to determine for yourself what course you will take.

The creation of astrological charts can also give indication of where you would be best located on the planet for the most auspicious life you can have. A 'location' chart can be made utilizing any place you are thinking of moving to. You can then compare the positive and negative influences of that location on your personal life-chart and a contemplation of what the place has to offer you by way of lifestyle and opportunities.

Astrology can guide you to the times and places where your choices will have their best advantage but never mistake the information as a path that you must follow. It is best used to help you choose a path that works to your benefit.

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