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Found this pleasant note in my Inbox the other day.

Toad, the frog wizard of TechnoSpells

Hey, you guys!
You're going to be so proud of me. ... I'm starting to read more on wicca. I've always been interested in it, so I decided to start seriously reading up on some spells and all that jazz. I did the Monday Money spell on your site about a few months ago. I started an online business and have been doing really good! I've only been open a month and have had over 500 dollars worth of sales!! Definetly made me excited.

So i just wanted to say thank you for everything.

~ Stephanie


Personally identifying info has been edited out of this unsolicited testimonial. Anybody needs to see that its real can be provided with all the proof upon legal demand.

"Sorry for the Mumbo-Jumbo above. Seem's our garden has become infested with legalist gnomes." ~ Toad

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