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Scene Two

{{Anger. Rage. Kill. Tear. Bite.}}

Wendall's mind was afire with an overload of base instincts and emotions. It was worst the first few minutes after the change, before his consciousness and intellect faded away into the maddening rage and mindless frenzy. After that his mind was filled with nothing but visions of the horrors he would inflict on the cat when he caught it.

{{Rend. Tear. Bite. Savage.}}

The hated scent filled his over-sensitive and extended nostrils. It was close! He threw his body against the bars again, paws and claws and teeth all tearing at the metal in a mindless fury to get out.

{{Anger. Rage. Kill. Rend. Bite. Tear. Kill. Kill.}}

For a while, the woman came into the room and stood watching Wendall in his exertions.

{{Sympathy. Sadness. Affection.}}

She did not speak aloud, just watched him for a while before she turned and left the room.


Wendall barely noticed, it was not THE hated smell. He threw back his head and howled again. He paced awhile after that. Glowering and growling at the entrapping iron that enclosed the room. His mind was now so enflamed he did not even register the lock or the door, it was all just an obstacle.

Wendall was a fully grown adult and the cage had been made for him as a child. Metal fatigues and the seventeenth blow, coincidentally being on the lock mechanism, broke the locking bar and the door flew open. he spilled out into the floor but swiftly recovered on all fours. A moment's hesitation was all he took before bursting down the outer door and crashing through the first window he came to.

{{Kill. Catch. Rend. Destroy.}}

The crashing of breaking woodwork carried to the barn and Hobb jerked his head alert. Ears perked to the fullest, he padded over to the hayloft upper door to survey the Inn's back yard. He was just in time to witness Wendall bursting through the back kitchen window and speeding straight across the yard towards the barn where Hobb stood.

Even natural cat-cool deserted him as his heart leapt a beat. He dashed for the opening at the other end of the barn. Almost there, he caught the sound of the barn doors being thrown down and the werebeast leaping the rungs of the ladder up to the loft.

The nearest tree limb was eight feet away and not as thick as he'd like but the leap that carried him to it was accomplished in a moment. Hobb scrambled up the branch to the trunk and started working his way downward when Wendall flew out of the barn's upper level. Adrenaline helped him jump directly to the trunk of the next tree. He climbed, racing through interconnected branches, he sped as fast as he could for the dark woods behind the Inn.

Wendall was in a raging joy with the fullness of the smell and the nearness of the cat to his rending jaws.

{{Rage. Tear. Joy. Kill.}}

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