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Pondering Infinity with a Finite Mind

The word 'Universe' is a rather small symbol with which to label literally everything in existence everywhere. With our earthly senses we can see the planet around us and a massive array of stars in our skies. This in itself is a wondrous display of the vastness of the reality we share but is still only the tiniest example of what the Creative Force of the Universe has to offer the curious.

With the advent of technology capable of seeing to what appears at the moment to be the very edges of it all, we have seen the spread of other galaxies sprinkling space in even greater profusion than the tiny stars that show in our skies. Quantum physics has begun to unravel cosmic string phenomena to catch a glimpse of other dimensions of reality coexisting a mere vibration rate apart from us. Increasingly the telescopic cameras and spectrometers pointed outward from our home have discovered evidence of the very building blocks of life spread throughout this cosmic realm.

This should not come as such a great surprise to one who lives in the Craft. We realize that the force of life runs through everything be it animate or inanimate. That this potentiality for life seems to be everywhere, we tend to be more open to life existing everywhere than the average member of our species. But this engenders a thought greater than just of other beings on other planets existing within the vastness of the heavens. Could this almost incomprehensibly huge universe of ours be itself a living creature? Can the life, death, and rebirth of the stars be but a physical aspect of the workings of a universal body?

Within our studies on the nature of creation and the divine force that infuses it we have come to realize that certain universal laws apply to the interactions of life with life. We know that like will return like and that it is the tension between opposites that power the continued existence of time. We have seen that peaceful cohabitation and an acceptance to promote the progenitive powers will give us longer and less troubled physical lives. These principles are not scientific laws but reflect a consistent spiritual nature instead. These laws do not seem to come from any force created by man but that we are merely particles within that flow. We can learn to manipulate these laws but they are not ours to change.

We accept that there is a single universal divine force that permeates reality. In our workings of magic we attempt to tap into that divine force to create a world around us more to our desires. If that force does indeed spring from a single, living universal entity whose physical body is the everything of our reality then we can see why such laws govern all of existence. This universal force being, as it seems a solitary entity, must look within itself to determine its nature. We can see the duality created as an ongoing test to determine what the universal nature really is.

Science has shown that the universe is still growing. 'As above - so below' takes on a more critical importance in this light. The living force of the universe creates us. However small a part of the universe we may think ourselves to be, we are still a part of it all. By our actions we help the universe determine what it is. The divine is within us just as we are within the divine. It is our responsibility to this divine creation to nurture its spirit and help it grow into a place where the progenitive aspect of its existence maintains the balance against its entropy and decay. Every action you take, whether in daily life or in your magical workings will help determine just what kind of universe you are a part of.

Toad, the frog wizard of TechnoSpells

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