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Sarah Wytchcross the TechnoWitch

Greetings and Merry Meet to you!

Welcome to TechnoSpells, I am Sarah Wytchcross at your service.

I have dealt with the world of Magick my entire life. Seems I was born with the knack to see the things that are really there instead of just what it appears to be. I have always been drawn to the Magickal aspect of life and love to see the Magick in everything.

I must confess that I was a bit leery of the computing machines when I first encountered them, but over the years that has really changed! The more the technology improved the more I realized the power that lay in them. I began experimenting with mine to see what Magick could be worked through these strange thinking boxes.

I was amazed! While I will never give up the old traditional Magicks, I have found that there is a wonderful analogy with the machine. They are not cold, unnatural objects! The element of fire runs through them and powers their operation and is as useful in this aspect as any other Magickal Tool.

I got to thinking that many people, especially the younger folk, sometimes are stuck in situations that make it difficult for them to practice the Magical Arts freely. Sometimes it is not only inconvenient but also possibly dangerous to perform spells in the traditional fashion.

Since the primary ingredients to working Magick are belief and a strong force of will, I have been working on ways to turn your computer screen into a safe and discrete altar with all the trimmings. You may check out the growing number of free technospells offered here. See for yourself that the symbolism is as effective and powerful as the artifact. I have also begun transcribing my notebooks so that you may discover a wealth of Magical information to increase your own knowledge and skills!

Come often and see what new Techno Magicks we have worked out and put forth for you. Oh, and by the way, please don't step on my familiar. He is a frog and is usually hopping about around here somewhere!

Enjoy your stay at our cottage and come back to visit often!
Blessed Be,

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