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The Secret of Money Magic

Money can often be one of the trickiest aspects of modern society to handle in a magical way. If it were easy to prognosticate Lottery numbers or racehorse winners we would all be in line at the bank. There are, however, some very effective and useful ways to deal with increasing finances without becoming fixated on the cash.

Money in this age is not based on a standard backed by precious metals like silver or gold, it has become a credit/debit system based on time, effort and value perceived. Therefore money can be viewed as a form of energy of which the physical bills and coins are mere tokens for keeping count. Most 'money' exists only as numbers on paper or in an electronic file and can be moved around without ever seeing a physical form.

This does not make it any less important in dealing with the everyday transactions in life but does make it easier to work magic with. Money magic can be as simple as marking a bill with a heart or smiley face before spending it and letting it go cheerfully with the hope that it brings a smile to someone else's day when they see it. Businesses often frame and display a few bills representing their first profits as a form of 'good luck' talisman toward future prosperity.

The major problem with working beneficial magic with money is the overwhelming amount of negative energy that usually surrounds it usage. Begrudging the bill you have to pay for a service or product creates this energy that multiplies itself. Instead of cursing the money spent, think instead that as energy, this money has allowed you to experience or enjoy something. Considering this payment as energy, bless it and the recipient instead as you pass it along. Positive thoughts also multiply.

One of the basic tenants of energy transference is that you will receive as you put forth. Considering the money you have as energy, when saving some up, you are creating a stockpile of a specific energy that can be utilized to advance your prosperity and enjoyment of life. Rather than feeling angry that you must pass it around, instead consider it mobile prosperity for everyone who's path it crosses.

One of the big reasons one can fail to become as prosperous as they desire is directly linked to this aspect of money exchange. Whether consciously of subconsciously, it is too easy to harbor negative thought about it and its uses, especially when you are spending it. When receiving, try to view it as a blessing coming into your life. Since money is a fluid concept and an energy source that is designed to stay in motion, when it is time to send it on do not begrudge its parting. Bless the people it will be going to, even the taxman since they use at least some of it for good causes.

By learning how to view money and its mobility in a positive light you will be dispelling some of the gloom and negativity that tends to surround the concept of wealth. Losing the patterns of thought that money is a necessary 'evil', begin thinking of it as a means by which prosperity can grow for everyone. You may soon discover that it finds itself increasingly coming back to you.

Toad, the frog wizard of TechnoSpells

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