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Hands-on Healing: Reiki & Therapeutic Touch

The beginner in magical works may start his or her adventure into the larger universe of space, time and energy without a clear idea of what they want, except that they want to improve their situation in life. To this end they may learn, train and practice for years and become accomplished at the casting of spells and the resolution of their life problems through manipulation of the energies that permeate the universe. They may also find that an even more effective way to increase their lot is through a selfless application of these manipulative energies for the greater good.

One way of increasing your ability in magic as well as creating a more abundantly harmonious sense of spiritual increase is to turn your learned abilities toward the healing arts. This does not necessarily mean getting a traditional medical degree so much as it is intended to mean learning how to share and direct your personal raised energy to healing others. While not given credence by modern science, which has a fatal flaw in never accepting anything as real until they can prove it, the laying on of hands is an ancient tradition and has throughout history been acknowledged as an effective aid in treating a multitude of illness and injury.

Beyond the sheer faith-based belief that a 'divine' power can work through one to help heal another, there are two totally secular fields of study that can direct and educate on how to pass your personal 'divine' energy into another's body to affect a speeding up of the healing process. In the West this is known as 'therapeutic touch' and 'distance healing'. The Eastern philosophy of the transmission of healing energy is known as 'reiki'.

Both disciplines utilize the bioenergy field that permeates every lifeform. While science again fails to recognize this energy, they also fail to accept that the body has a soul. Even without formal training, the adept magic worker develops an understanding of how the energies of the universe flow through both animate and inanimate things. It is not a far stretch for anyone with a modicum of ability to realize that this force can be diverted toward a specific goal.

In both reiki and therapeutic touch, the operator uses their hands, either placed slightly above, or sometimes directly on, the person who requires a healing. Through calm gathering of their psychic energy they can slowly release this energy through the palms of their hands into the body of their subject. One's focus is on realigning the flowing energy field of the body back towards a harmonious state of being. Extra attention can be paid to a specific area or organ that is malfunctioning in the body.

This is not an instant healing process. It is more like encouraging a plant to grow. You add healing energy to the existing aura of the subject towards the goal of it returning to its healthy state. While these methods should never completely replace more traditional forms of medicine, they can compliment them. Modern medicine considers both reiki and therapeutic touch as merely placebo effects because Western medicine focuses only on the physical body with no regard for the spiritual aspect of the patient's total being. Fortunately the Eastern idea of medicine is more inclined to treat both body and soul in their medical treatments.

A practitioner of the Craft will also know that such energy can be directed towards a subject even if they are physically distant; although direct interaction with the subject's aural energy is most effective. Therapeutic touch and reiki are not systems designed to set a broken bone but are utilized to help promote and speed up the mending process that the organic systems are designed to do. There will always be the need for herbalists and medical technicians. Touch healing is designed to compliment these specialties for a more complete healing experience.

Learning how to help promote wellness in your fellow living creatures (since, yes, this process is not limited to the human lifeform alone) supersedes lines of faith or religion. The exercise of harmony and life-promotion will extend much further than just the healer/patient experience. The very conception of using such positive energies will add to the overall harmony within the universal reality.

Even if you do not wish to devote all your Craft activity to such selfless ends, it does behoove anyone on the progenerative path to learn some of the ways to promote healthy living. We are all a part of the greater whole and the exercise of positive energy will reflect throughout that whole.

Toad, the frog wizard of TechnoSpells

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