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Setting Up a Techno-Altar

One of the really beautiful things about being a technowitch is that one can set up a very discrete alter space using just your computer and a few unobtrusive items that won't scream " WIIIIIIIITCH!" to anyone except for those who are of a pagan path. By using everyday items such as screen savers you create yourself by using the either the Scrolling Marquee or the 3D text options in conjunction of some occult fonts that can be found on the web usually at no charge. I myself have a font that has many occult symbols including a pentacle in a circle. I can make it any color I want and put it on a black background and voila! Instant protection spell! I generally use a black background, but feel free to use what ever color feels right to you of you decide to try this on your computer.

With the Scrolling Marquee option found in window's screen saver options you can write out a spell and leave it running for as long as you deem necessary to get the job done. The 3D text option has a pretty limited amount of characters that can be typed in which makes it more useful for running symbol type spells, such as the protection pentacle, rather than multiword spells.

Other things you can use to create a subtle magick space include objects such as pretty stones to represent earth and a cup or bowl of some sort to represent water. It is also useful to hold objects such as you pencils and pens which are good as alternative wands if needed. Use some stickers in the appropriate shapes and colors to represent the God/dess or put some sort of small figurines to represent the God/dess; one on either side of you computer monitor, tower or desk. Use Sticky Tack to help hold anything you might want to attach to your monitor or tower without making it a permanent bond.

If you have a laptop then you have a portable techno-altar that's hard to beat. With a few decorations done with stickers, or even some very careful additions of colored ribbon, glitter, or even symbols painted on, (very carefully and no where around the keys or screen!), you will have all you need to set up for spell casting wherever you maybe. Great for all of the traveling folks who might find themselves driving down the highway in the desert at midnight and feel the need to cast a spell for some extra protection for your motor home as you travel.

Create your own wallpaper with any of a number of paint programs available for free download from reputable sites. One such program is GIMP, and there are several others, try them out and see which one works best for you. Designing your own wallpapers that have such themes as the four elements and the ether, a representation of the God and/or Goddess of your choice, or whatever suits your tastes.

Candles are indispensable in the world of magick, but aren't good to have around your computer. This problem is no problem at all! Use pictures of candles in whatever color you want to suit your magickal needs. If you can get candles with animated flames so much the better. Use them to make animated wallpaper spells if you have the knack.

As you can see, if one just uses a little bit of creativity and the simple, everyday objects readily available to hand one can create a personal magick space and cast a spell anywhere they can set up their computer. Isn't technology wonderful! Have fun!

Sarah ~

Sarah Wytchcross the TechnoWitch

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