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What is Numerology?

We are daily inundated by numbers. There are birthdays and phone numbers, identification cards and credit cards. From the calendar to the clock numbers are all around us. Numerology is a study of these numbers and the ramifications they have and impact on our lives.

One formula uses the letters of a person's name and converts them to numbers, which are then added to the numbers of one's birth time, date and year. These numbers are further reduced to a single sum. From the nine single numbers, 1 through 9, a specific meaning has been attached that does indicate features of the individual's character and personality. Numerology can also be used with certain principles of astronomy and astrology to come up with other number meanings that apply to the person or question being investigated.

The Science of Numerology is one of the most ancient mathematical arts we have. It was a high science in the lands of the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. Even the Greek, Pythagoras, whose mathematical theories are still used, organized a study of Numerology over two and a half thousand years ago. Pythagoras believed that the mathematical concepts of Numerology are easier to regulate and classify than physical systems.

As well as straight mathematical studies of numerology, many occult and esoteric philosophies incorporated Numerology into the workings of their systems. Some of these groups include the Indian Vedas, early Christian mysticism, the Kabbalah and the Golden Dawn. There has been a recent recurrence of interest in the power and applicability of number systems on all facets of our lives.

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