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Homemade Anointing/Magick Oils

One of the more traditional magick implements is anointing, or magick oils. When used in tandem with spells that you have running on your computer or when casting a spell in the more traditional way, these oils have given excellent results for many a witch, wizard, or magician.

While many of these can be purchased ready-made, they can be rather pricey depending on the ingredients used. An added advantage to making your own oils is the power of association that comes from putting your own energies into its making. You will also be more assured of just what is in the oil so it will be most effective and not develop unknown properties from improper ingredients.

I have found it to be much more efficacious to make my own and I have often come up with some very effective magick oils using just the types of herbs and spices I find at my local grocery store in the spice aisle. Some ingredients in many of the traditional oils can be expensive and difficult to obtain so you may have to find a good substitute.

I have found that olive oil is the best oil base for making magick oils but if you find this to be too expensive then use a pure vegetable oil such as soybean oil. Use good clean glass jars with tight fitting lids to hold you oils. I always recycle peanut butter jars, olive jars, fruit preserve jars and the like. Such recycling helps preserve our Earth's resources. Just clean the jars well and consecrate them before use in holding your magick oils.

The specific type of oil you are making will determine just what ingredients you will place in the oil base. Once added, allow your oils to set in a cool dark place for about a week to allow the scents to mix well.

A Few of My Favorite Anointing/Magick Oil Recipes

Hecate Oil

This oil is used when invoking the goddess Hecate.

Pour some oil base into a clean jar and add cinnamon and some myrrh resin ground to powder in a mortar and pestle. You can also use myrrh oil if you can get it to add to the oil base.

Money Drawing Oil

We all can always use a bit more cash. So here is an oil you can use to anoint your money, wallet, or the door around your business.

To a jar of oil base add the following ingredients: Sandalwood oil as well as some cinnamon and ground frankincense resin or frankincense oil. You can also add myrrh resin and some bayberry herb if you like but these are optional.

Blessing Oil

Use this oil for anointing altars, candles, your house or yourself.

Add frankincense oil and myrrh oil or resins to a jar of the oil base.

Peaceful Home Oil

Add a little bit of this oil to a bowl of water and sprinkle it in all the rooms of your home and the corners of your property to maintain a peaceful environment.

Add rose oil or rose petals and some crushed cumin seeds to your oil base.

Luck Drawing Oil

Need some good luck in your life? This oil helps to draw good and happy vibes your way!

Add some cinnamon and some chamomile herb to your jar of oil base.

* * * * *

There are hundreds of other oils you can create all on your own. Just check out a good book on herbs and their various magickal properties and create your own wonderful magick oil!

Experiment to see what works best for you and have fun!

~ Sarah ~

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