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The Magick Lamp

One of the forms of magick I have been doing research into includes the types of spells used in Voodoo and Hoodoo. I found that many of the spells to be extremely effective and my favorite is the Magick Lamp.

To make one of these lamps all one needs is a basic oil or kerosene lamp, a blend of castor oil, olive oil, and some regular unscented lamp oil. What type of spell the lamp is to be used for will determine what sort of items are to be added into the oil mixture. The basic oil mixture is about one half to two thirds regular unscented lamp oil with about one to one and one half cups of the castor oil/olive oil mixture added to the lamp oil.

To use one of these lamps, simply fill the lamp up with the oil and say a prayer/spell to the god or goddess of your choice. (In Voodoo the prayers are of a Catholic origin and are usually directed to a particular saint.) When the lamp is full of the oil add the other ingredients and then light the lamp and end your prayer/spell as you do so. The lamp MUST be allowed to burn until your desire has been attained to your satisfaction. Each morning refill the lamp with oil if it needs it, repeating your prayer/spell as you do so, and relight it. (If it does not need to be refilled simply swirl the oil clockwise, also called Deosil, while repeating your prayer/spell.)

Here are the ingredients for a few of the various types of spells you can use your Magick Lamp with.

To Obtain Money

A magnet* and any of a combination of the following herbs, and/or spices, and/or scented oils or incenses.

Cinnamon, Five Finger Grass, some Attraction Oil, Frankincense Tears or Oil, Money Drawing Powder or Oil, Coins of any denomination, a picture or some sort of representation of bills of any denomination or anything else that is traditionally used in spell work for attracting money.

To Obtain a Good Job

A magnet* and some item that symbolizes the type of job you want. For example, you could add nails or slivers of wood for a carpentry job, a picture of a computer for any type of computer-related jobs and the like. You get the idea. You will be using the aspects of Sympathetic Magick in this work.

To Obtain Success

Whether you seek success in business endeavors or any other aspect of your life you will, again, add a magnet* and a representation of the thing you want to obtain success for and add some Success Oil to the fuel base for your lamp.

To Bring Protection For Your Home

Drop the magnet and some protection oil into your fuel base. I find adding something like piece of a thorn bush of some sort, so long as it has thorns or sharp prickles on it, helps increase the effectiveness of your protection.

* * * * *

Experiment with various items when making your Magick Lamp. You will inevitably come up with your own types of spells that work quite well for you. Remember to use whatever feels and seems right for you and ALWAYS be very careful when using your lamp. Make sure it is somewhere it is unlikely to get knocked over or start a fire.

Many of the oils mentioned here can be made at home in your kitchen with olive oil and a few easily obtained ingredients. Look in the Knowledge Base section of Technospells for Magick Oil recipes. I would also recommend adding these books to your magical library: "Charms, Spells & Formulas" by Ray T. Malbrough and "The Complete Book of Oils, Incense, and Brews" by Scott Cunningham.

~ Sarah ~

*Note: I have found that adding Magnets to ALL of my Magick Lamps to be most efficacious in helping to obtain the desired results.

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