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Colors and Their Magickal Associations

Colors are created through the observation of the specific wavelengths of light. Reflecting on the material pigmentation of an object, we can interpret the light-wave thrown off as color. Light is energy. (It is also a particle but we will currently leave that to the physicists.) Since the manipulation and interactions of the various energies around us are the very essence of magickal work, colors do have specific aspects of their wavelength energy that affect and influence various concepts.

This energy can be used and focused through the use of specific colors incorporated into out magickal work as well as our daily lives. These influences can be utilized in the clothing we wear, the decorations in our homes and, most importantly, imbued in our magick through the use of candles created in these various colors.

While differing cultures and religions have assigned their own specific symbolism for various colors, below are the primary influences colors make within the Craft of Magick.

* * * * *

Black is a very dramatic color. Its indications reflect seriousness and mysticism. It is the color of divination as you seek enlightenment from the darkness of the future or the unknown. Black can be used effectively for protection and banishment as it absorbs negative energies. While black is a fashionable color to wear, one should be aware at all times to maintain a spiritual light within themselves to prevent too much negative absorption from overwhelming the person. Black is good to use for Bindings. Depending on the use made of it, black can be either a restful color or one that instills fearfulness. As the absence of light, black is also indicative of the negative influence as it symbolizes entropy and stagnation.

Brown is a very stabilizing color. It represents comfort and material things. Brown is an orderly and conventional color that exudes integrity and justice. As representative of the soil of the earth and the inner wood of trees, brown is a very comfortable and comforting color. This is the most proper color for working magick aimed at gaining money and wealth as it exhibits the influence and association of the material home. Clothing yourself in brown influences the effects of grounding oneself and presenting a practical and responsible outlook on life.

Blue gives off the influence of tranquility and harmony. As the color of honor and idealism, blue is associated with the concepts of sincerity and patience. Love in the form of devotion and protection emanates from the wavelength of blue. As a beneficent force, blue represents some of the higher moral and ethical attributes. It represents not only organized and careful change but is also indicative of a fair level of psychic ability.

Turquoise is the color that is used for light blue. Not to be confused with the associations of the stone, this light sky color indicates creativity and self-knowledge. Turquoise is also the color used to indicate honor, discipline and idealism.

Indigo is the color of psychic ability. It produces the influence of wisdom and insight. A spiritual color, indigo is used to influence self-mastery and internal vision. Coming between blue and violet on the top end of the spectrum it will also at times indicate flexibility and change.

Violet is a high-order color. Its indications and influences center around the areas of success and intuition. As the color of spiritual awareness, this color is used to promote successful self-improvement and the moral functions.

Purple is very similar to the violet and indigo influences. It specifically indicates the growth of spiritual and psychical abilities. Purple influences the powers of inspiration and self-esteem. Purple is the color of royalty and success in business.

Pink has its most well known influences as the color of romance. Not to be confused with the stronger passions or lust, pink indicates affection and tenderness. Pink is friendship, kindness and acceptance. As the color of spiritual love over the baser instincts, pink is used for the feelings of compassion, harmony and is essential to spiritual healing.

Red indicates the strong force of passion and sexual love. It is a stimulating and energetic color that is associated with will power and strength. Red is the color of excitement and vigor. The influence of fire causes red to excite both lust and anger. While a balanced use of red can instill self-confidence in one's actions, too great an amount of red can easily unbalance one's senses and lead to irresponsibility.

Orange is a very stimulating color. Its indications are for courage, pride and ambition. As an emotional stimulant, orange will invigorate enthusiasm and the urge to friendship. While somewhat flamboyant, this vibrant color communicates success in the opportunities presented to you.

Yellow is the color of joy. As a stimulant to the nervous system, yellow exudes optimism and cheer. Being the color of the morning sun, yellow provides a balance of intelligence and charm while adding vitality to the creative efforts. It promotes the positive aspects of the spirit.

Green is the color used to indicate prosperity and abundance. As the color of fertility, green promotes growth in the material realm. With the introduction of green there is luck and good fortune. Gainful employment and stability are indicated by this harmonizing color. Green does however have a negative connotation in that it can also represent jealousy equally as well as generosity.

Grey is the color of neutrality. Neither light nor dark, grey stands in the middle of all influences. Indicating balanced vision, grey can be used effectively to absorb negative energies. It is the color of conservative influences and represents both security and modesty.

White represents the simple elegance of purity and divinity. As the brightest of the spiritual colors, its influences are mostly given to the positive aspects of reality.

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