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Spell to Drive Away the Influence of a Psychic Vampire

For the greatest effectiveness, this TechnoSpell will need more than just your computer. Psychic vampires don't suck blood, but they do feed on your Life Energy. It takes a strong magic to block them off you so in addition to the candles/electrical fire and the words of the charm, you will need to have two extra items.

If you can burn incense, Frankincense and Myrrh is the best.

If burning incense is impractical or impossible, you can also make a potpourri to set on your computer desk containing any or all of the following common protective herbs which can be found already in your kitchen or in the spice rack at the grocery store. Cinnamon - Rosemary - Oregano - Dill - Peppermint

Alternately, you can fill your room with a proper protective scent by hanging up something as simple as a car air-freshener in one of the following scents. Pine - Cedar - Cimmamon - Rose

You will also need a small bowl containing at least a rounded Tablespoon of Sea Salt to set in front of the computer screen while running the Spell. Sea Salt is common but if you absolutely cannot find any, ordinary table salt will suffice.

Concentrate on the Charm and visualize a white protective shield of light surrounding you. Keep it up until you can feel the Energy Drain ceasing. You may run the TechnoSpell as long as you feel you need to. Once finished, use the Sea Salt to pour a protective line across your door step and window ledges.

Please scroll down the page until the Spell is comfortably centered in your monitor's screen.

Peace be with you, always. - Sarah

You are encouraged to File / Save Page As to your harddrive so you may access this Spell whether or not you are connected to the World Wide Web.

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Psychic Vampires that lurk in the night, Vampires sucking the Energy from my Life, Destroy No More what I Achieve, Steal no more what I Receive. Your Negativity is not Welcome Here! Your Evil is not Welcome Near - Beside Me, Around Me Nor My Kith and Kin! Flee this Place to be Fed Never Again!

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