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For those of you who have always wanted to get your book out into the world but have not had the know-how or means to do so, we at Bell, Book and Candle are here to help. We produce digital format books rather than the traditional paper and ink because it makes being published much easier and less costly on the new writer.

We offer several services for the book author including editing, proofreading, formatting and the actual production of the ebook file in Portable Document File (PDF) format.

Our basic charges are as follows although each book is unique and some small adjustments may need to be made depending on the specific needs of any given book.


Type size is at the author's discretion but we have found that 14-point type reads easiest on a computer screen. At 14-point there will usually be about 300 words per page so the pricing is based on this average.

To edit the book; that is, to read through it, review and mark places where the text may need to be modified, expanded or condensed is $1.00 USD per page. Within the returned copy will be notes on content, spelling and grammar.

If you choose to forgo the editing process and merely need the text proofread and corrected for spelling and grammar, the cost is $0.50 USD per page.

Illustrations, photographs, artwork or charts provided by the author will be inserted as marked for $0.25 USD each. If you do not have illustrations but would like to have some graphics in your book, we can do a Search through Public Domain Photography and Artwork for suitable images at $5.00 USD per approved image.


Creating an attractive and eye-catching cover is another necessary feature of a successful ebook. A basic text-based cover can be created for as little as $5.00 USD. For more complex covers that include images or specialized graphics the charge begins at $25.00 USD.

Once all the copy and illustrations are prepared we will format and assemble the ebook. This formatting includes sizing the pages and bookmarking Chapter Headings with the Contents Page as well as any necessary Illustrations. Once the book is formatted we will assemble the PDF file of the finished product. This will be done for $1.50 per page based on the previously stated word count average.

Payments for each step are due and payable at the completion of each phase. Pre-production must be remitted before Production begins and the Final Production cost is due when the book file is completed.

Being writers ourselves, we assure you that your intellectual property is safe with us. What we want to do is present your effort in the best possible way to the world of readers. While these are our Standard Charges, we do realize that every book is different and are willing to work with the new author to help realize their dream of Publication. They are not "set in stone" as it were. Use the Contact Form below and let us know what you have. We will be happy to work with you on the final cost.


If you are a new writer who is stuck in a low-budget world where the Cash is hard to come by to make your dream a reality, we do have an option that may satisfy your needs. If your book fits our image and needs and you allow us the right to add it to our Inventory to sell through our bookstore and advertising venues, we will do the work at No Charge to you.

If you have further questions or a manuscript you would like to submit for acceptance, please use the form below to contact us. Thank you!

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