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Occult Sciences

Cover of 'The Beginning Witch's Book of Shadows' by Sarah Wytchcross
The Beginning Witch's Book of Shadows
by Sarah Wytchcross

While specifically designed to help the beginning Witch start her journey down the Magickal path, Ms Wytchcross has compiled a volume of information worthy of any witch's collection.

Along with the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this ancient craft, she has gathered practical instruction for creating and using your Tools, Spells and Spirit to form a better world for everyone.

60 pages - PDF - Instant Download

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Cover of Practical Magic Series vol 1 - Witchery Made Simple by Sarah Wytchcross
Practical Magick Series vol 1
Witchery Made Simple by Sarah Wytchcross

From Basic Belief Structure and the Tools of the Craft to Popular Spell Work, Sarah Wytchcross has distilled the Essence of Craft Work to harness the Power of the Self to utilize this Practical Energy. Demonstrating how both Traditional and Household items work well, she then shows ways to include the Power of your Computer and the Internet for Magickal work.

A Bell, Book & Candle Exclusive
13 pages - PDF - Instant Download

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