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>>>--Kitchen Talk--<<<

"The Foods We Eat"

"Spices: What They Add to Your Life"

"Chili Peppers: Red Hot and Tasty"

"The History of Desserts"

"Chili: Mexico's Mighty Meal"

"Chinese-Style Methods"

>>>--From the Recipe Box--<<<

Miz Moon's Molten Mayhem

   Get a dozen or so ripe Habanero peppers, one large Chili (either red or green for color), and three or four cloves of Garlic. Measure out one third to one fourth cup of White Vinegar (or your Vinegar of choice), put in a dash of Salt (I prefer non-iodized Sea Salt). You may optionally add just a bit of Olive Oil for a slightly thicker base.

   Put your ingredients into a blender or food processor and chop thoroughly but don't puree them. You should have a bright orange relish with red and/or green highlights from the Chili. Pour your mix into appropriate sized jars and refrigerate. This will make about one and a half to two pints of fiery hot relish. Please use sparingly on any dish you want to put a touch of heat to.

   CAUTION: While handling the peppers it is highly recommended you wear plastic or latex gloves to prevent skin irritation, blistering or worse if you accidentally rub your eyes. Also, don't use metal spoons or bowls in preparing this relish.

   As well as gaining a great spicy hot accent to the flavor of your meal, the "Molten Mayhem" is high in vitamin C and the natural capsicum will help clean out any unwelcome parasites that might have found their way into your system.

Houseblend Hummus

   Here's a favorite quick snack that is handy to keep around. Hummus originates from the Middle Eastern cuisine but fits well into most any meal or just to grab on the go. Start out with one can of chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, 1/4 cup olive oil, about a tablespoon of tahini paste (sesame paste), a dash of lemon juice and salt to taste. Combine all the ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend, starting slow and working up to high speed, or appropriate setting, until smooth.

Now the fun part of hummus begins. You can flavor hummus by adding other ingredients to the resulting paste. Around the Inn, I usually use garlic, dill, hot peppers, or any of a variety of herbs and spices.
Hummus is cheap to make so you can experiment with your favorite flavors.
Hummus makes a great sandwich spread, especially on whole grain wheat bread, or you can use it on a side dish as a healthy high protein dip with crackers.

Check out the growing collection of free online recipes from By The Recipe the next time you need to find a recipe.

Bell, Book & Candle


Ghostly Kentucky
by V.S. Mefford 3D cover pix of Ghostly Kentucky
Look inside Now for Haunting Tales from the Dark and Bloody Ground

The Practical Magick Series Vol 1
cover of 'Witchery Made Simple' by Sarah Wytchcross

Witchery Made Simple
Sarah Wytchcross

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"It can be a hard, cruel world for the small four legged people who share our world.

Help us supply food to animal rescue shelters. It only costs a few moments of your time, but is of great value to a hungry creature in need."

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