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Town Square - HOME

Public Library
~~Reading Room

The Business School

Gallery of Human Art

Miz Moon's Inn

The Music Hall
~~Video Jukebox

Village Arcade

The Chapel of Spirit
~~Geography of

~~Seeking Angels

Bell, Book & Candle

The Neighborhood

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By decree from the Patrician, all the folk you can visit from here are honorary citizens of the Greenwoods Village.

News, Views and other Strange Truths
The Village's favorite reporter of the stranger than fiction news
from around this wierd planet we live on.
Professor Hex, Scholar of the Strange and Mysterious
Spiritual Matters
If you've only ever read the "politically correct" Roman choices in Christian Literature,
peruse THE GNOSTIC SOCIETY LIBRARY'S presentation of
The Nag Hammadi Library and get "the rest of the story".

Literary Legends
Since learning to read nearly half a century ago, I have found only one writer who could keep me so fascinated that I can reread his books over and over. Therefore, my
"Lifetime Favorite Author Award" goes to The Honorable Mr. Terry Pratchett.

If you somehow missed the feature on our friend; Ms. K.F. Stewart, in the Library, you can still go see what she is up to at Safekidzz and meet a thoroughly wonderful person.

Webmaster Resources
The Village's personal web guru can be found doing his thing
to promote honest information and providing
Informative Articles & Free Content For Your Website right here!

Check back often to see who's new at the Village

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