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Beginning Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Before you begin any of these projects you will need to get another e-mail address that you will be using for business contacts. You don't need to pick a fancy name, just one that sounds like you are serious about what you do. "" will be sufficient; you don't want to do business under a stupid or offensive title.

If you can find a short one it will serve you well, because you will be typing it a LOT! Why you need this new mailing address is because it will inevitably find its way onto many mailing lists and your box will be spammed near to death. You Do Not want your personal mailbox flooded like that. It will also help you keep your business organized and separate from your personal life.

Setting Up an Online Payment Processor

You will also want to go to Paypal and set up an account with them. They offer several options with differing fee structures. It would probably be best to go on and set it up as a business account because that way you would be able to accept credit card payments. Paypal is the premiere payment transfer organization on the web. They were created by E-bay especially so they would be able to keep on-line transactions safe and honest.

Almost everyone accepts Paypal as the payment plan of choice and you will find some places that charge fees up to 10% to send your money by check. With Paypal the transaction is free on a personal account. There are some small fees with a business account, but it is well worth it. Make sure to read all their terms and conditions just because it's good business sense to do so.

WARNING: Since there is money involved, there are thieves out on the net. Paypal will NEVER send you an e-mail asking for any account information. If they need to check with you, they request you logon to the site and then they will discuss it in secure surroundings.

When you get a mail saying in any way that they need you to "click" a link or send information by return e-mail, you have encountered a criminal who is attempting to take advantage of newbies who might not know this. I said "when" instead of "if" because you will inevitably run into this or some variation on the scam.

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