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The Ideas Behind the Kingdom of Angels

You're may be not the type of person who will easily believe in concept like angels, but there will come a point in your life when you just have to. These are the times when you are faced with your greatest trouble and nothing seems to be going right. When you stop believing, you will some signs wherein you can't attribute the matters to anything else but the existence of some supernatural being that may have helped you overcome your dilemma.

What is an angel? There are many stories that people share about this kind of being. You may also have you own interpretation and meanings. How you define this kind of existence depends on many factors. One of the greatest factors that play a great role in honing people's beliefs about the matter is media. There are various films that have been created about the subject. There are books that tackle this kind of existence. You can also browse through the internet and be amazed at the various stories that people say about their experiences with this kind.

Until now, it is still being debated if each person has an angel guiding them, or if an angel guides several people at the same time. There are some readings that claim that God assigns each spiritual being to whomever they will guide and protect. They will report to God accordingly about the behavior of those they are protecting and will present prayers attributed to them.

The Angelic Kingdom

These kinds of being reside in a place called the Angelic Kingdom. They attend to the spiritual and emotional needs of the Elemental and Human Kingdom. Their main role is to take care of whomever they were assigned to protect. Through them, beneficial energies come out and spread wonderful effects to people. Each angel has their own specialty when it comes to the quality of the energy they are able to come up with.

This kind of quality or virtue has their own sound, flame, fragrance and color. For example, there are those that work with Saint Michael the Archangel that specialize in the power of Protection and Faith. Those that work under Archangel Zadkiel emit The Violet Flame of Transmutation. For the spiritual beings that work with Archangel Raphael, they specialize in the forces of Healing and Consecration.

While The Adoration Flame and Divine Love are the expertise of those that work with Chamuel. For those that work with Jophiel emits the power of Illumination and Enlightened Understanding. Other kinds of this type of spiritual beings specialize in qualities such as Happiness, Opulence, Divine Power, Science, Divine Will, Purity, Hope, Comfort, Beauty, Music, Ministration and a lot more.

These beings may be likened to rechargeable batteries. By hanging out with their superior or the higher angel assigned to work with them, they will be able to absorb the quality and expertise of their leader. The latter is like a source or stream of the quality they are known for. The other spiritual guides that work with them get that energy and they distribute it accordingly to the people they protect and guide.

As you learn more about angels, you will be amazed at how wonderful life is because of them. This applies even if you are still not that convinced about the idea because for sure, you have felt how it is to be touched by their presence even for once in your life.

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