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How to Open Your Children's Eyes to the Concept of Angels

As an adult, especially when you are a parent to a child, it will be nice to open their minds about angels at a very young age. This is especially true if you have experienced how it's like to be touched by how these kinds of spiritual beings work wonders on people's lives.

Since the 400s, the theology and facts that surround the idea about these spiritual beings and tutelary spirits have undergone many changes. It is now believed in western churches and on eastern churches as well that these beings are assigned by God to people. Each person has a guardian angel that is assigned to protect them from harm and to save them whenever anything bad happens or surrounds them. Their guardians report back to God how life has been for these people and they offer prayers on your behalf.

According to the calendar of saints of the Roman Catholic Church, October 2 is when the memorial for the guardian angels should be celebrated. The belief about God sending each person their guardian can be rooted back at the time of Ancient Greek philosophy. You can also see this kind of concept on the Old Testament, but it was articulated differently.

Young Minds

You can actually use the concept that these spiritual beings are able to look after each person as your children grow. You can ask them to behave and to be always nice to other people because they are being guided by their protectors. The latter will be sad if they will do anything bad.

If you are finding it hard to explain the concept, there are many avenues that you can choose to take in this regard. At this day and time, this is a popular subject in various media platforms. You can have your children watch movies that tackle the subject. You just have to make sure that you watch the film before them. This way, if you want to tell any disclaimers, you can do so before they can believe everything that these shows will be able to present.

You have to be careful about what you teach your children. Their young minds are able to process everything, even stories which are not really serious, and retain them in their memories for along time. You don't want to end up feeling guilty for the wrong stories that you were able to share with them when you hear your children talk these out loud to their friends and acquaintances.

Teach them to Pray

The good thing about this venture is that you will be able to teach your children the value of prayer at such a young age. You may even research about the guardian angel or Archangel assigned to them based on their birthdates and find the right prayer for those angels. You must tell them that God is the root of it all. God assigns each person their guardian angel to protect and guide them in times of needs.

You will be amazed when you are caught in big mess and trouble and you will hear your kids uttering prayers to their supposed spiritual guide. This is when you will know how effective your words and stories are. You must also allow them to explore on their own.

If they want to find out more about it, you can give them books and other reading materials where they can find out more about the topic.

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