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The Concept of Angels and the Angelic Kingdom

One of the hardest concepts to believe is the existence of angels. This is due to many factors, including people's faith and religion. There have been many movies and TV shows that used this concept to be make it more believable to people. You don't really have to force yourself to see beyond what you haven't experienced first hand, but through time and as you go through life, you will find lots of testimonials about the matter.

If you want to know more about this concept, here are some of the things that you can do. First of all, you can read through various websites that feature this topic. There are many sites that contain information about their origin and how people learned to believe their existence. You will also be able to stumble upon sites that contain wonderful stories about people's experiences when it comes to this.

The Kingdom of These Spiritual Beings

Do you ever imagine where these spiritual beings live? It is said that they are assigned by God to each individual. Although until now, it is still being argued whether one angel was assigned to each person or several people at the same time. Their purpose is to guide the ones they protect and give them warnings in times when there will be something life changing that is going to happen to them.

These kinds belong to the Angelic Kingdom. Their main goal is to act towards the spiritual needs and emotional needs of those that belong to the Elemental as well as Human Kingdom. Their purpose to look out for the sake of those they are assigned to and take care of them. They report to God, their superior, about all activities of the people they guide and offer prayers for these people.

This is the main reason why there are times that even when you find it so hard to accept that this is true, you will wonder in amazement how some things come about. You may have heard of stories like when people were able to do super human activities at dire times when they have no one to turn to. The quality of protection that these beings can provide to those whom they look after to depends on who they look up to as a leader in the group where they belong.

The power of these spiritual beings may be likened to that of a rechargeable battery. They get what their proclaimed leader was able to give and they in turn, give such kind of energy back to the people or elements that they are protecting. Here are some samples of this statement.

1. For the spiritual beings under the leadership of Saint Michael the Archangel, they specialize on the powers of protection and faith.

2. For the kinds that work with Archangel Zadkiel, their energy emits the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

3. Divine Love as well as the Adoration Flame are assigned to the spiritual beings that are working closely with Chamuel.

4. For those who are working with Archangel Raphael, they specialize on the power of Consecration and Healing.

5. For those that are under Jophiel, they emit the power of Enlightened Understanding and Illumination.

There are other angels that are assigned to emit the power of Science, Peace, Ceremony, Comfort, Divine Will, Music and a lot more.

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