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Your First Ideas about Guardian Angels

Do you still remember how your minds were opened to the idea that guardian angels exist? You may have heard about them when you were still young and your parents were keen on telling you about how better life can become if you will only grow up to be good boys or good girls because your angels will be smiling on you if you do so. Even if this tactic is one of the more popular ways for parents to tell their children to behave, this has worked wonders for many people, especially those who would eventually believe of these spiritual beings' existence.

The manner in which it was related to you will affect how you perceive angels and how you will define them as you grow old and become more mature. Here are some of the ways in which angels were introduced to people's consciousness.

1. Mainstream films and TV shows. This medium can be accessed by many people. For this reason, they have the power to change people's beliefs or influence them in ways they did not think possible. Through time, angels have been portrayed in various stories of different genre.

There are stories that portray them to be the soul of someone dear to the protagonist that chose to be their guardian when they are already in spirits form. There are also stories that will convince you that angels live among people. They thrive and go where people go. They can be with you, or they can be a family or a relative and you may not notice until the fact is revealed at the end of the stories. There are also stories that seem to be based on deep research about the matter. Some popular beliefs include that angels thrive in old libraries to get energies from the place that also serve as their meeting place.

TV shows are more subtle with the subject. Many stories dwell on how ordinary people can serve as angels here on earth. But there are also those that try to be more like how films have shown the images of angels. If you are a follower of these kinds of stories, your concept of angels may be greatly tainted by all the information and other bits and pieces that have been presented in these forms.

2. If you love reading books, you may have already read about facts based on research about angels. There are also many books that tackle how angels touched people's lives. You will gather a lot of people's experiences, especially those that have experienced tragic loss or near death accidents and fatal mishaps. It is believed by many that your angels will be greatly felt once you are facing deep trouble and you feel like you don't have anyone to turn to.

However you may have been informed about this topic, there are certain facts that remain to be consistent with all the hearsays and stories that have been revolving about the matter. For one, these spiritual beings are assigned by God to each person to serve as their guide and protector. There are those that say that each people have many angels that are protecting them. And there are those that claim that an angel serve as guardian to many people.

The fact that you are open about the idea of guardian angels is already something that you must be proud about. You can even share this to your children to let them be aware that angels do exist.

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