cover pix of The Healthy Dog Fact Book by Hitomi Ayaka
"The Healthy Dog
Fact Book"

Hitomi Ayaka

Drawing on over 40 years of experience in Animal and Pet Health Care and 15 years as Director of his own Animal Rescue Shelter, Mr Ayaka has written extensively for native African Animal & Pet Care magazines.

This book includes translations of thirty five of his articles and includes such topics as care and feeding, ailments and diseases, medications, breeding, identification and practical tips to help you give your four legged friends the best possible care.

author photo of Hitomi Ayaka and his dog
Hitomi Ayaka & Friend

"For who can prove that the human spirit goes up and the spirit of animals goes down into the earth?"
Ecclesiastes 3:21
New Living Translation

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding ingredients
  2. Dogs need different diets at different ages
  3. Vitamin and mineral supplements
  4. Boredom and variety
  5. Cost of feeds
  6. Dry Vs. Canned food
  7. Home made diets
  8. Food allergies
  9. How much should I feed my dog?
10. How often should I feed my dog?
11. Signs of Ill health
12. Heart worm, fleas and other parasites
13. Heart worm prevention
14. Common questions about heart worm
15. Fleas and other parasites
16. Do parasites cause "Scooting"?
17. Preventing dental disease
18. Home dental care
19. Veterinary dental treatments
20. The importance of the physical examination
21. Why are regular check-ups important?
22. What happens during an examination?
23. How often should my pet be examined?
24. How to administer medicine
25. Nursing a sick dog
26. Vaccinations
27. Common questions about vaccinations
28. Spaying and neutering
29. Spaying of the Female dog
30. Surgical neutering of the male dog
31. Pet health insurance
32. Clipping a dog
33. First steps in grooming
34. Bathing a dog
35. Pet Identification

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