except from 'Ghostly Kentucky' by V.S. Mefford

by V.S. Mefford

From the Waverly Hospital in the western Kentucky town of Louisville to the tree shadowed ridges of Appalachia's Clack Mountain, "Ghostly Kentucky" recounts tales of haunted and supernatural happenings throughout the Dark and Bloody Ground!

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Excerpt From "Ghostly Kentucky"

All across Appalachia, and even in a few other Northern and Midwestern states, a strange animal with a canine appearance is being glimpsed by many. They are very large -- about three to four feet high at the shoulder and bear strange markings. They look like no dog or coyote nor any breed of wolf.

Wolves have been extinct from Kentucky for well over a hundred years, yet in the Rowan County area, many folks have talked of seeing some of these strange beasts. In some other parts of the country there have been reports of people actually being attacked by these creatures.

My husband and I first heard about these things from two friends who had been on the way to visit with us. They were passing an old antique store on U.S. 60 east of Morehead when they spotted two of these creatures in front of the antique store. It was broad daylight so they got a very good look at the beasts.

The creatures were very large, about three to four feet at the shoulder and were long and lean looking. The snouts were long and had fangs protruding on either side of the mouth. Large, pale colored eyes lent a spectral effect and the sharply pointed ears were standing erect. The body color was sort of a nondescript gray and there were three or four black stripes going across the back and short way onto either side of the creatures. They both also had long slender tails.

Our friends had decided to get a closer look, so they turned around and went back. However, when they went to pull the car closer these things bared their teeth and became extremely aggressive. Needless to say, Jim and Jaquiline sped off in a hurry.

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