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The Amphibian Avatar from TechnoSpells discusses one of the most popular Occult Tools available; Tarot Cards:

***History of the Not So Ancient Tarot Cards
***Choosing Your Personal Tarot Deck
***Personal Divination - Custom 'Tarot' Cards
***Using Tarot for a Better Tomorrow

Excerpts From "Toad Talks Tarot"

Following the occult work of Eliphas Levi, other occultists added to this body of knowledge. As this was going on the English Order of the Golden Dawn, led by MacGregor Mathers began and took up the codification of this powerful occult tool. They created a Tarot deck incorporating kabalistic imagery for their members. A.E.Waite, after breaking away from the Golden Dawn of which he had been a member, revised the deck and as was mentioned earlier, created the deck most popular for the last century.

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As well as the built-in divination ability of Tarot cards and their symbology of inner awareness, this popular fortune telling tool can also be used in the formulation of spells to change your life and future. Not only can you use the synchronicity that imbues the cards with their ability to hint at the influences that pass through your life, you can use them for spell work by adding your force of will to their inherent ability.

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Tarot Card decks come in more shapes and sizes than the standard rectangle. While a deck similar in size to a standard playing card deck will be easier to manipulate in your hands, there are advantages to other variations. A smaller deck will be easier to carry with you wherever you go. A larger deck is more appropriate to propping the cards up as a focus for meditation.

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