Cover of 'The Beginning Witch's Book of Shadows' by Sarah Wytchcross

The Beginning Witch's
by Sarah Wytchcross

While specifically designed to help the beginning Witch start her journey down the Magickal path, Ms Wytchcross has compiled a volume of information worthy of any witch's collection.

Along with the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this ancient craft, she has gathered practical instruction for creating and using your Tools, Spells and Spirit to form a better world for everyone.

A Bell, Book & Candle Publications Exclusive
60 pages - PDF - Instant Download - $7.99

Table of Contents

The Witch's Rede
Thirteen Goals of Being a Witch
Basic Principles of Witchcraft
The Spiritual Laws of Witchcraft
Including: The Charge of the Goddess - The Charge of the Dark God
Song of the Goddess - and More

The Elements
Stones and Metals
Colors and Their Magickal Associations
The Pentacle
The Tools Of Magick (And how to make them)
Including: Personal Book of Shadows - Wand - Besom - Candles
Incense - Scrying Mirror - Oils - Magick Pen - Pendulum
Mojo Bags - Cingulum - Robe - Athame - and More

Miscellaneous Craft Tools
Magick Spells
Including: Casting and Banishing a Circle - Creating a Sacred Space and Altar
Consecration of Tools - The Great Rite Invocation
Drawing Down the Moon - Purification Spells and Rituals
Casting a Sleep Circle - Money Spells - and More


From: The Spiritual Laws of Witchcraft

Witches realize and know that for every action there is an equal reaction. This is often referred to as the basic Law of Karma. Therefore if you commit dark and evil actions you will receive an abundance of evil in return. If one does good deeds with love in their heart then that person will receive an abundance of good in return. Good begets good, evil begets evil, love begets love and hate begets hate.

Witches know and realize that all living things are divinely and spiritually connected. Everything that you do to another living being influences yourself either directly or indirectly.

A Witch should never close his or her mind to knowledge of any kind. It is through the daily process of learning that we grow spiritually and develop the perfect attunement to Deity and the Source of all things.

From: Spells ~ A Simple House Cleaning Ritual

Burn this in a censer in the middle of the area to be purified. If you are purifying a multi-level house, one censer every other level will work just fine, or you may wander through the house filling each room with smoke while reciting:

"From this house all negative energies be cleansed. By the power of the Goddess, (insert Goddess' name here), I command all dark and hateful energies are banished! As I will so let it be!"

When you set this, open all the windows in the house. Say a prayer to the Goddess offering thanks to her for the cleansing of your house. Leave the house for a few hours, one need not go far, just outside on your porch or in your yard, or next door to a neighbor's to visit until the smell from the incense is gone. Close the windows and set a protection spell of some sort, if you wish, by using your Wand or Athame.


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