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The Practical Magick Series vol 1
Witchery Made Simple
by Sarah Wytchcross

From Basic Belief Structure and the Tools of the Craft to Popular Spell Work, Sarah Wytchcross has distilled the Essence of Craft Work to harness the Power of the Self to utilize this Practical Energy.

Demonstrating how both Traditional and Household items work well, she then shows ways to include the Power of your Computer and the Internet for Magickal work.

Excerpt From "Witchery Made Simple"

There are spiritual rules for any force of will made...this means whatever sort of spell you cast there will be consequences. Whether those consequences are good or bad are up to you.

There are many different methods for using magick. There are the earth-based religions such as Wicca, or Santeria, Voo-Doo, and others. There is the mainstream Catholic Christian church as well as the Protestant branches. (Yes, even the Christians use magick whether they realize it or not.) Then there is the ceremonial magicks of such groups as the Freemasons, Rosicrucian's, and others.

A spell is simply a prayer. It is the verbal/physical way to focus the will energy to cast it out into the aether to accomplish its purpose. The magick comes from you...the items that you may use to help focus that energy are merely "props" to help get you in the right frame of mind. Admittedly, one can imbue certain objects with energies, or if it is a natural object, such as wood, stone, water, fire, metals, insects, flowers, etc., these things will have a natural living energy of their own.

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